CP News, mobile app for Dodge leads

CP News is the latest addition to the enterprise level lead, integration and opportunity management tool set ConstructionPoints provides to customers.

The objective of CP News is to simplify and improve the usability of Dodge leads by

1. providing a daily news alert that is tailored specifically to each users unique interests (location, stage, valuation, type etc), and

2. providing mobile access through smart phones and tablets.

CP News Daily Alerts

On an annual basis Dodge issues over 475,000 project leads and over 800,000 associated company records. This is a huge amount of data to keep track of. CP News is designed to track your interests  in Dodge leads and provide you with the right lead and at the time when you need it.

If your company subscribes to Dodge leads CP News is the best way to ensure your sales teams are able to efficiently identify the best opportunities for your business and act at the right time as events are reported.

Summer 2013 enhancements to CP News include:

1. New Company search refiners, enable customers to search for Dodge company leads by

    • Role (owner, architect, GC etc)
    • Location (country, state, county, city)
    • Keywords (the name of a company)
    • Associated projects (a cross search between company and project filters

2. Dodge Field Tracking 

    • Enables a user to specify exactly when they want to be notified of editorial updates by targeting the status of specific Dodge data fields (stage, bid date, target start date, target completions date, specifications etc).
    • This capability enables users to be highly efficient with Dodge leads and focus on specific reporting events that matter most to their sales process.

3. SpecAlert & International leads integration

    • Customers subscribing to SpecAlerts and International leads can now utilize all the features of CP News to capitalize on these lead types.
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