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Looking for an exciting career in the software industry?

Do you want to work with a team that has over 10 years of experience delivering commercial software with a commitment to engineering cutting-edge web technology?

Ingenium Technologies has a proven track record of shipping software that is used by a large corporate client base, including Fortune 100 companies. We're working to build our next generation of mobile and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platforms.

Some of the technologies we use include: .Net Framework 4.0, Microsoft MVC, Ruby on Rails, SQL/MySQL, SOLR/Lucene, JQuery/MooTools, JavaScript, Amazon web services, Force.COM and Apex.

At Ingenium Technologies, we are looking for talented employees to help us achieve our goals and set new ones. If you are passionate about Agile software development and thrive in a flexible environment we would like to hear from you. Contact us at

Current Job Postings

No current vacancies - We would still like to hear from you if you feel you could add value to our team, submit your resume to

Co-op Term Placements

Ingenium Technologies embraces the oppportunity to welcome co-op students for the term of their placements.  Share your knowledge and learn from your team members in a dynamic environment where you have the freedom to explore.

Testimonials from Previous Co-op students:

"I very much enjoyed my four-month co-op at Ingenium Technologies.  I enjoyed the quick moving pace and the atmosphere of being part of a small company where you actually have the opportunity to get to know your co-workers.  The best part about doing my co-op at Ingenium was that the project I was assigned to work on was a project that actually went into production and was useful to the company.  The project was designed, implemented and tested completely by the co-ops who were working there.  You don’t get these opportunities at many other co-op placements!"
Kevin M.     Computer Science, Simon Fraser University

“Having a co-op term at Ingenium Technologies was an invaluable experience that allowed for me to develop my skills in areas not readily exercised in school.  During my co-op term, another co-op and I were able to create a tool from written requirements to a fully functional application using production data… I highly recommend working at Ingenium Technologies to anyone that is interested in having a large amount of independence in the work they carry out while having the necessary support to complete the task.”
Richard M.     Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia

"Working at Ingenium Technologies for my first co-op term has allowed me to gain hands-on experience with technologies that may not be taught in university, as well as learn and develop important communication skills and business etiquette.  My co-op partner and I were given a lot of freedom in designing, implementing and testing new features for a web application in production, with plenty of support from all the different teams in the company.  I really enjoyed the friendly culture at Ingenium, and never felt like I was pressured to complete everything on my own within a strict deadline.  There were also many team activities and educational opportunities available, such as Lunch n’ Learns and sprint demos, which have allowed me to get to know my co-workers and build up my confidence.    For students who are looking for a fun, educational and fulfilling co-op experience, I highly recommend working here at Ingenium Technologies."
Susan L.     Computer Science, University of British Columbia

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